Meet Your Photographer

Cate DePrisco is your Kansas City birth photographer. Catching media headlines for her real-time stories, she wants to share the story of your baby's birth with more than just photographs.

First, I'm a wife. Second, I'm a mama. Third, I am a birth photographer. 

"Who took this photo?" my high school photography teacher asked everyone in the room until he found me working away in the darkroom. It was a photo of a little girl I was babysitting playing on her driveway. "Cate, you should be a photographer," he told me. So I saved babysitting money, bought a digital camera, and started a business as a 17 year-old senior in high school.

In college I studied French so I could have an excuse to travel. Applying for the Peace Corps was for the same excuse (and also to become more proficient in the French language, which was my major but I wasn't very good at it). That backfired when I was sent to Moldova and I learned to speak Romanian. What we experienced in Moldova was hard to explain, but I found a way to do it with blogging. My friends and family looked forward to each new blog post often telling me, "you should be a writer" and my fellow Volunteers looked forward to sharing my photos since they seemed to truly capture the experience. But I didn't know what to do with that and I was feeling a bit lost as it was time to leave the home I'd created there. 

By the time I made my way back to Kansas City two years later I wanted nothing to do with photography so I found an internship at a marketing company. Then I met my (now) husband in front of his photo booth in a VW bus and joined his wedding photography company. My adrenaline kick for photography didn't really come back, though, until I spent 54 hours with a friend photographing her home birth and shared her story on Instagram. "You should be a birth photographer," I told myself... and here I am. My  name is Cate DePrisco and I am your Kansas City birth photographer.

While I'm waiting for the "it's time" call, you can find me drinking lots of coffee with my husband so I can keep up with our little girl, sending emails for The Photo Bus, taking #CharlotteTheHipsterDog to the park, and attempting to make some "me time" for reading and yoga. I'm pretty transparent about my journey in parenthood on my personal Instagram account... if you want to follow along.

Due to the nature of the on-call time and unpredictability, I am only able to book two births a month. The best time to contact me is now!



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