The Real Time Difference

Not everyone can be with you when you deliver your baby, so let your birth photographer tell your birth story in real time on Instagram. The photos are combined with a written documentation of the story so you never forget. 

The Real-Time Difference

Once you confirm availability and book me to be your birth photographer, we keep in pretty constant communication. You tell me the updates from check-in appointments and when you start feeling contractions (even if they're just braxton hicks). We'll communicate throughout the day (or night!) to make a decision of when it's time for me to join you to start photographing your baby's birth story. I'll arrive, document the story in photos until an hour or so postpartum, send you a couple of images for you to share, and 2-4 weeks later I'll send you the rest of the chosen digital images for you to download.

With any professional birth photographer, this is general practice. But I do something different that no other photographer in the world does- I tell the story IN REAL TIME ON INSTAGRAM WHILE YOU ARE GIVING BIRTH (and before and after). I do this so your friends and family can follow along without bugging you for updates every step of the way... because let's be honest, all of the attention needs to be on bringing this little one earthside instead of on social media, right? I'll selectively choose the photos I post and the stories I tell (so don't worry, all of the imagery I post is modest). Oftentimes these stories are quotes and moments you may forget as the day passes but you won't now because they're there on Instagram for you to look back through whenever you want. Many photographers will also be a fly on the wall, but admittedly more often than not I will join you in conversation... but I also know when it's time to be quiet and just be a witness. When your baby is born I'll announce it on my account (once I have the OK from you). The best part is when things calm down and you get to look back and read the story I told (read the reaction from this dad!) and see the comments and hearts from people around the world supporting you and cheering you on as you gave birth to your baby. InstaBirthStory does more than just tell stories for families and friends- it connects mamas around the world, shows how birth can be different and there are options, and empowers others as they prepare to give birth to their babies. 

Click on the images below to see screenshots of actual stories I've told. You'll notice in the real-time stories I do my best to keep faces of medical professionals (unless they agree it's ok) out of the images, but they are part of your birth team so they will be seen in the full gallery of images I deliver to you. Just looking for the best birth photography images I've taken? I've got you covered here.

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Mattie: Born at New Birth Company

Yesterday when I checked in, there wasn't much going on. Mom was ready for baby but baby wasn't ready yet. 6:07am my phone started ringing in my dream. Nope, not a dream. Real-life. "Hey Cate, sorry to wake you but we are headed to the birth center in a few minutes. You might want to start gathering your things." I asked how things were going and if she might be sent home. "Doubt it," he said, "contractions are pretty strong." I told him to call me when they weren't turned away. (Whether it's a hospital or birth center, there are certain criteria to be checked. As far as I understand, they vary from place to place). When we hung up I looked at my phone... 15 minutes earlier he'd text me saying contractions were 3 minutes apart. I decided there was no waiting for him to call- I was on my way.

Georgia: Born at a home

It's time! Well, almost. I just got the call to come to the birth but it's tricky because she's 2 hours away from me and she's chosen not to be checked for progression through dilation. Checking adds bacteria which increases the chance for an infection and a fever in mom and baby. It also can lead to mind games while she waits. The body knows what to do... she's choosing to listen! 


Olivia: Born at the Hospital

When I received the initial inquiry from this mama I was so excited. I was pregnant (not knowing if we were having a girl or a boy) and her last name is Rossi- which is the name we gave our girl. At the time she wasn't sure if she was going to stay in Phoenix or move to Kansas City, as it all depended on whether or not her husband was deployed. He is, so she's here, and it's time to tell her story!