Reviews for the best birth photographer in KC: InstaBirthStory


When my wife approached me with her idea of having a birth photograph for the birth of our son (rather than have blurry pictures from a camera phone and not capture this amazing moment), I said "Why would we do that? I can take pictures with our real camera." Well, I finally gave in and said "Ok, it's probably worth it, and then I don't have to worry about it, and your mom won't take a bunch of blurry pictures." After the entire beautiful experience, and crazy fast birth, I was getting Thai takeout and started to reflect on our InstaBirthStory experience by looking through the photos and reading the captions, and I became emotional. I am so thankful and grateful that Cate was there to forever capture our son entering this world.  And I am glad my wife talked me into it. - Aaron


Cate photographed the birth of our son in May 2015. I was hesitant about having an additional person in the room during labor, but really wanted to capture the whole story. Not only did Cate take amazing pictures, but she was also a wonderful addition to the labor process. She offered a hand when I needed it, she talked when I wanted to talk, and she sat quietly when I needed to concentrate. The photos tell the story of his birth and the InstaBirthStory feed on Instagram was fun for my family to follow. I love that the pictures included details about the day: the time, the monitors, my labor team (my mom, husband, and nurse), intimate moments between my husband and I, my mom holding my hand, family in the waiting room, and of course the arrival of baby boy. My very favorite pictures are the ones of my new family of four when our daughter arrived to meet her baby brother. - Lori
We are so thankful every time we look at our beautiful photos because we are able to relive such a remarkable time in our lives. - Kim
I had never heard of @instabirthstory until I was about 4 months pregnant with my 3rd child and we found out he had a rare Chromosome abnormality and had a low chance of living after birth. I googled "birth photographers in Kansas City, MO" and Cate DePrisco was the first to pop up. I looked through her website and saw all the beautiful photographs. I knew she was exactly who we needed to capture our birth of our son, because we knew that photographs and memories were all we would have. When I found out she had an Instagram account I immediately began following her and staying in touch with her throughout my entire pregnancy. I will never be able to thank Cate for taking on our emotional journey. We have so many beautiful photos of us with our sweet angel baby. Cate did an AMAZING job. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt like we had been good friends forever. She is personable, so kind, and thoughtful. By far the best experience we had in our very emotional birth and the loss of our son. Cate was there to capture the raw emotions. -Danielle

Friends and Family

Erin [the mama] was my engagement, wedding, and newborn photographer, but she's also a sweet friend. I know how long they waited for Liam to arrive, so to be able to follow along, pray, and send some good juju into the universe in REAL TIME was a fun way to feel involved in his birth. I think InstaBirthStory was also the perfect way for her to keep everyone in the loop. "Want to know how the birth is going? Here's a picture of him being pulled out of my stomach, so stop texting me!" - Megan
I enjoyed following Charlie's birth via InstaBirthStory because it helped make it feel like I was there with Sarah and the family at such an intimate and amazing moment. Sarah was my inspiration for my birth center natural child birth so watching her was so inspiring. The pictures were beautiful and came often, and left me waiting to see more! -@lnordone11
I'm not one for hospitals, so I was thrilled when I was able to follow my best friend's birth on Instagram through Cate's beautiful imagery. I felt as if I was right there with them and I could share in their joy. -Melissa