Many questions arise during the search for a birth photographer. Find many of the answers from your Kansas City birth photographer here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What exactly is a real time birth story?

I tell your birth story as it is happening on Instagram with photos and captions. It initially began so your friends and family could follow along without actually being present (so they wouldn't bother you!), but then a little bit of press changed things. Now there are followers around the world encouraging each mama and celebrating the birth of each baby born. It's not 100% in "real time" as I do choose which photos I post and the text that goes along with it, and when things get going I'm focusing on the photos first and the story second. The "lag" can be as short as a couple of minutes and possibly as long as a couple of hours.

+ Do other people tell birth stories on Instagram??

There are incredible birth photographers who share their photos on Instagram but I have yet to see someone else tell a real-time story.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. 50% of your investment is due up front to save your guess date, and I can work with you on payments after that for the remaining balance.

+ If you're posting to Instagram does it mean you're using your cell phone to take photos?

Gosh, I wish cell phones could take great photos in all lighting situations but the technology just isn't quite there yet. My professional camera is able to connect wirelessly to my phone, which is how I access the photos and share them. Don't worry, you'll receive mural-ready files.

+ If you're busy posting to Instagram are you missing anything?

Definitely not! The photo story comes first and the Instagram story comes second. I promise when I'm looking at my phone I'm listening and paying attention and picking up my camera if I need to. While I call it a "real time birth story" there is still a bit of a lag.

+ Who can see the real-time posts?

Anyone who follows @InstaBirthStory can see it. If your family and friends don't have an Instagram account (although some have created one just to follow along!) they can type www.instagram.com/instabirthstory into their browser and they can follow along!

+ Do you choose the photos you post to Instagram?

Like I mentioned above: Absolutely. With InstaBirthStory there needs to be a story in text to go along with the story in the photo. There are times I'll have a photo I LOOOOOOOVE and want to share but I don't always have the words to describe what was happening... so I don't share it. Sometimes it works in the other way in that I have a story to tell but no "good" photo to tell the story... so I don't.

+ Do you ask my permission before sharing a photo?

I do not... until your baby is born. If I was always asking for permission it would disrupt your birth space so I respect that. But when you hire me you'll trust me to choose the right photos. ;)

+ I want a photo of my baby crowning. You won't post that on Instagram will you?

No. The "Rules of Instagram" actually don't allow it. Sometimes medical professionals don't either so I will try my best to get every photo you'd like but I can't guarantee it for that reason. Also, sometimes the situation or position does not allow for me to be there but I will do my best.

+ Wait. Crowning. I don't want a photo of my va-jay-jay. Do you have to take that?

Nope! I believe there is SO MUCH MORE to a birth story than just the crowning. My favorite time during a birth is when the baby begins to crown because it's the moment every parent is waiting for... the baby is almost earthside! So, I love to watch it happen with my eyes (if you're ok with it, of course) but I absolutely do not have to.

+ Can't my husband/birth partner/the hospital staff take photos?

Technically speaking, yes. Sometimes. But their focus is on you and your baby first and photos second. So they might not be able to get a photo of your sweet babe, and if they do, they aren't in it. Part of the birth story is having all of your team in the photos, right? That's where I come in as your birth photographer.

+ How long are you with me?

I'm with you as long as you need me. On average it's about 8 hours but it's been as little as 3 and as many as 54. Unless you have a scheduled c-section no one knows how quickly you'll progress (even if this isn't your first baby) and how long it will take for the baby to move through the birth canal. We (usually it's starts with you and transfers to your birth partner) will be in contact leading up to labor actually beginning and then of course once things get going. As I found out with my own birth, labor can surprise you so I do not have an exact time for when I decide to come to you. Every birth is different. Once your baby is born I will stay for an hour or two.

+ Do you do maternity photos?

I can, absolutely! If you'd like to add that to your birth story, let me know in an email and we can talk more about it.

+ How much does it cost?

I choose to say "investment" instead of "pricing" because it is an investment for you and for me. Just like your wedding day, these are images you will have for the rest of your life and images you cannot re-do. as there is a lot more that goes into it than just showing up for the birth. You are paying for it, which is why it is an investment for you. You need to hire someone who respects your birth team, who knows what is happening so they don't ask questions, who knows their camera like the back of their hand since lighting can change in a split second, and who is willing to (mostly) put their life on hold for the "unknown" that comes with birth. That is why you choose me. Your investment begins at $3000.

+ When should I book with you?

It is never too soon to inquire about availability. Due to the nature and unpredictability of birth, I can only comfortably accept two births a month. Some mamas have contacted me before they even announced their pregnancy yet- and I do encourage that. But you don't know until you try!

+ Do you have any kids of your own?

Yes, actually! I have a sweet girl named Rossi (pronounced "raw sea") Beth. She has taken over my personal feed on Instagram, so if you want to see more about her (and us) please follow me. I'm pretty transparent about parenthood over there!

+ I'm having my baby at home. Will you come to my house?


+ What if I have a c-section, planned or unplanned?

There is still a story to tell with a c-section. (See this one!). You still nurtured that baby of yours for +/- 40 weeks and you're still bringing him/her into this world. It may not be how you planned (or maybe it is) but it's still your story to tell! Some hospitals allow photographers and some do not. Some do, and some change their mind at the last minute. If I can go into the operating room I will, and if not, I will tell your before and after story. Those are still photos no one else can take.

+ What if there is an emergency?

As mentioned above, the images are shared in "real time" but it's not actually up to the minute since I select the photos. Unfortunately I have been photographing a baby when something went wrong and the baby ended up passing away. At that time I used my best judgement as to when to step away and when to take photos. (Search #TheStoryOfLogan within the Instagram app). There are a few different ways to handle that, though, and I will ask you more about your wishes in the "Getting To Know You" questionnaire once you hire me to be your birth photographer. I will never post anything online that might potentially harm a medical professional.

+ Will you also coach me through labor?

No. I do tend to participate in conversation more than be a fly-on-the-wall, but I will not coach you. I leave that up to your birth team!

+ Do you travel?

Yes, I love to travel! But, no, I will not travel more than 40 minutes from Kansas City to photograph a birth. I wish I could, but due to the unpredictability it adds a lot of stress and unknown. I'm happy to try to help you find a photographer closer to you.

+ Ok, I'm ready! How do I book?

Great! Verify availability with me and we'll go from there!