For Photographers


... so, you are a birth photographer and you want to tell an empowering birth story you photographed. Awesome! I want to help you tell it!

Because of the limits of birth photography (location and the on-call life being the most obvious), I cannot tell as many stories as I would like to here in Kansas City. In addition to that, I also cannot easily travel to photography a birth no matter how much I would love to. So, here's where you, the birth photographer, come in. There are 3 easy steps:
1. Fill out the form below
2. Submit a $100 non-refundable payment via Venmo or Paypal
3. Create a word document with the captions for the photos (don't forget the beginning and the end before you actually share photos!). Title the images in the order you want them and match them to the numbers with the captions on your word document and your IG name. (ie: 001_InstaBirthStory)
4. Submit all photos, titled to match the captions in the Word document, the Word document of captions, and the model releases for all people in the photos here

If I choose to tell your story I'll email you with any questions I may have and I'll also let you know when I'll be sharing it. Then I'll take it from there! You'll receive a "story told by @YourIGNameHere" credit with every image shared.  

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